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The Safety Activities Document of the Kauswagan Project2019-10-29
Unit #2 of Kendari-3 2X50MW Project in Indonesia Successfully Passing the 96-hour NDC Full 2019-10-29
Successful Handover of Unit #1 in O&M Power Indonesia Kendari Power Plant to the Indonesia2019-10-23
Heat Supply with Operation of Dushanbe Power Plant in Tajikistan undertaken by O&M Power2019-10-22
O&M Power Cooperates with Xi'dan Hang Tian No.1 Middle School in Establishing the First 2019-10-18
Successful Handover of Unit #3 in Philippines Kauswagen Power Plant to the Owner2019-10-10
The Training for Mekin Hydropower Station Trainees in China Come to A Successful End2019-09-20
Space Base Welcomed the First Arrival of Oversea Visitors for Electric Power Training2019-09-02
Encouragement! 100 Days of Two Units Safety Operation of Jinyang Power Plant2019-07-11
Successful Handover of Unit #1 and Common Successful Handover of Unit #1 and Common System 2019-07-05
A Model Project of China-Tajikistan Cooperation - Dushanbe Thermal Power Plant No.22019-06-21
National Water Conservancy Department Minister of Cameroon Visiting Mekin Hydropower 2019-05-28
Oil purification unit of 350MW unit #2 in Tongchuan Project successfully put into operation2019-05-05
O&M Power Successfully Fulfilled the Task of 204-day Winter Heating in the Capital of 2019-04-17
Initial Gird-Connection of Unit 1 at Kauswagan Project in Philippines Accomplished2019-04-04
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