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Good news - Indonesia South Kalimantan project #3 Unit Started Successfully after Unit Overhaul
Issued Time :2014-07-07 16:15:24

On June 15, 2014, 21:14, Indonesia South Kalimantan project #3 unit connected to state grid the first time after unit overhaul. On June 17, 11:08, 3# unit is operating with the full load 65MW, which has laid solid foundation for acquisition of #3 unit FAC.

Based on the reality of various maintenance items, indefinite maintenance quality and serious potential safety hazard, the project department made prearrangement to ensure unit startup goes smoothly. Since the overhaul began on April 27, each specialty is asked to follow every step of the overhaul process and be familiar with maintenance items as well as PLN acceptance condition after equipment overhaul to collect information for making unit startup schedule. On June 10, before unit startup, NWPower South Kalimantan project department organized PLN and wika-chengda joint group, together with NWPower project leader, to perform combined safety inspection for # 3 unit before startup. The inspection items include: firefighting equipment, ditch cover and oil level and oil quality of steam turbine, etc. Oil quality test report of steam turbine and transformer, as a necessity for unit startup, shall be accomplished strictly. To enhance safety foundation, on June 11, NWPower South Kalimantan project department organized Chengda, NWPower on-site operation and maintenance personnel to have a meeting on unit startup. During the meeting, all sides reached an agreement on troubleshooting, startup parameters, test items and personnel arrangement. The implementation of each organizational measure plays an important role in unit startup.

Based on the reality of inadequate technical personnel on-site, all NWPower operation and commissioning personnel stay at their posts day and night. After the unit has connected to grid, NWPower personnel again meet with troubles. The boiler parameter is abnormal and unit load can only be increased to 45MW. Facing this problem, the project department organized technical personnel to inspect the equipment thoroughly, analyze operating parameters and regulate them accordingly. After analysis, a major hidden defect was found: the actual position of primary air flue gas duct damper was not match with local indication position and DCS display. On June 17, 1:08, 3# unit was operating with full load and avoided boiler shutdown, which has gained acceptance and praise from PLN and Chengda leader and it also reflects delicate skill of NWPower staff.

3# unit startup scene

Steam turbine personnel start the machine

Electrical personnel doing test

Electrical synchronization

Boiler personnel operating scene

Operators photo after the unit is with full load

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