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Successful Handover of Unit #3 in Philippines Kauswagen Power Plant to the Owner
Issued Time :2019-10-10 13:51:31

     Here comes another report of success from Kauswagen Project Department that the unit #3 in Kauswagen Power Plant was successfully handed over to its Owner at 10:00am on Sept. 9, 2019 after successful functional test and performance test, as well as the 30-day trial run regarding its reliability.

    During the morning meeting held on Sept. 9, 2019, it was decided, through negotiation between the General Contractor and the Owner, that the unit #3 shall be handed over the Owner after its full-load operation. Upon receiving the notice, operators with our Project Department coordinated with the OwnerĄŻs Chief Operator in adjusting the unit load until making it running with full load. Afterwards, the unit #3 was officially and successfully handed over the OwnerĄŻs operators.

Operators with Shaanxi O&M Power are handing over the operation authority of unit #3 to the Owner

Signing on the handover certificate

Group photo among the Owner and Operation & Commissioning companies

    Upon the successful handover of unit #3, the Project Department will focus on the work related to unit #4. All members from the Project Department will spare no effort to complete the commissioning and operation of unit #4 with hardworking and fighting spirits under the leadership of the Company so as to achieve the goal of finishing the commissioning, operation and handover of unit #4 by the end of 2019, accomplishing the feat of putting 4 sets of units into operation within one year.

Kauswagen Project Department

GAO Guoqiang

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