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Heat Supply with Operation of Dushanbe Power Plant in Tajikistan undertaken by O&M Power
Issued Time :2019-10-22 14:09:47

      Upon receiving the order of emergency startup of 2nd Dushanbe Power Plant from the Owner, the State Power Corporation of Tajikistan, at 10:00am on Oct. 16, 2019, Dushanbe Project Department of O&M Power immediately organized all personnel on site to make well-organized deployment of unit startup. With the leadership of chief management personnel and hard work of all members, for three days and nights, from the Project Department, the 3 units were successfully started by one time, winning the recognition and praise of the Owner and Party A.

     The units startup carried out this time was different with that implemented in the past since it was operated by the OwnerĄŻs operators in the whole process under the field supervision and guidance of O&M Power personnel.

Project Manager, Liu Shoutong, is making safety, technical and supervision disclosure before the startup of Unit #1

      Fired at 18:25 on Oct. 16, the Unit #1 was successfully connected to the power grid and loaded at 1:00am on Oct. 17;
      Fired at 21:44 on Oct. 17, the Unit #3 was successfully rolled at 1:20am and connected to the power grid for power generation at 3:09am on Oct. 18;
      Fired at 21:36 on Oct. 18, the Unit #4 was successfully connected to the power grid by one time at 1:18am on Oct. 19.
     That 3 sets unit were started successfully by one time was never a coincidence! The Project Department convened special meetings, during the maintenance period of units held as early as this summer, regarding the control over maintenance quality, requiring relevant personnel to focus on what and how the equipment should be maintained, and take measures to track maintenance quality, thus creating excellent conditions for the successful startup of 3 units this time.

The OwnerĄŻs operators are starting the Unit #1 under the supervision of O&M Power

      It is learned that the Project Department of O&M Power has been implementing the activity of "passing on experience and helping each other" and providing training while focusing on safety management and training as well as control over hidden hazards. The Operation Division prepared specific training plans for new staff entering the Power Plant in the autumn to improve their working competence. Specifically, engineers from all specialities performed technical assessment on their respective members every afternoon to learn about their study situation and check out their shortcomings for the sake of making up for the deficiency, thus providing personnel and technical support for the safe and sound operation of units in the winter.

      The Project Department of O&M Power arranged the Operation Division and Maintenance Division to jointly carry out trial run on individual equipment and subsystems, carefully prepare plans regarding paths, contents and intervals of routine inspection on equipment, organize all specialties to compile Unit Startup Instructions, according to characteristics and features of each unit, for the sake of guiding practical operation of units and safety control over each procedure, which have proven to be efficient and excellent.

The power grid connection and loading of unit #1 wholly operated by the OwnerĄŻs personnel have been successfully completed


Unit #3 was successfully connected to the power grid and loaded at 3:09am on Oct. 18


Unit #4 was successfully synchronized and loaded at 1:18am on Oct. 19 (local time)

      It was the consolidation at every step from enhancing maintenance quality and training to elaborating guidance and plans, as well as making strict organization and taking rational measures that ensures the successful startup of 3 units by one time!
      The success also marks that combined power generation units of the 2nd Dushanbe Thermal Power Plant undertaken by O&M Power for its operation and maintenance have been fully prepared for providing nearly one million population in the capital of Tajikistan with high-quality heat and power supply in winter.

(Photo/Article by LI Genxu, Tajikistan Project Department)

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