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O&M Power Cooperates with Xi'dan Hang Tian No.1 Middle School in Establishing the First Demonstration School with "Clean Heat Supply by Stored Energy" among Education System of Shaanxi Province
Issued Time :2019-10-18 17:34:57

      On Sept. 25, 2019, Shaanxi O&M Power Co., Ltd. officially signed a Contract with Xi'an Hang Tian No.1 Middle School, which is aimed at establishing the first demonstration school with "Clean Heat Supply by Stored Energy" among education system of Shaanxi Province. With the planned construction period of 2 months, this project, including construction, as well as installation and commissioning of equipment, is aimed at providing clean heat supply to the school before heating season comes, thus guaranteeing that all teachers and students therein could enjoy green, safe, environmental-friendly, health and comfortable heat supply in cold winter.


      As a high-level, high-standard and high-quality nine-year compulsory public school established by Xi'an Aerospace Base Administrative Committee, and covering an area of about 45802.91m², Xi'an Hang Tian No.1 Middle School has never enjoyed heat supply in winter since its establishment as the municipal central heating pipeline fails to reach the area where the school is located. However, the school adopts the clean heat supply by phase-change energy storage system that is independently developed by O&M Power, an enterprise stationed in the Aerospace Base, in response to the environment protection requirement of "pollution control and haze reduction" by Xian Government so as to create a "green school" and enjoy clean heat supply, thus satisfying the demand of heat supply of main teaching building in winter.

      As a high-tech enterprise to be the first company of independently developing "clean heat supply technology by phase-change energy storage" in Northwest China and generalizing the technology nationwide, O&M Power started investing in the technology R&D of clean heat supply industry in 2016. With more than 3-year effort, O&M Power has successfully developed and publicized series of products related to clean heat supply by phase-change energy storage, entering the mature stage of commercial operation.

    It is reported that the initial heating surface of Xi'an Hang Tian No.1 Middle School project is 27000 m², which adopts heating units by phase-change energy storage developed by O&M Power according to characteristics of heat supply system of the School. Specifically, all units are directly connected to original heat supply piping network inside the School, without access to central heating pipelines, to supply heat released by phase-change energy storage units after they store the energy. Compared with traditional coal-fired heat supply system, those units that are installed in the basement of the main teaching building and cover an area of 200 m² has no carbon emission, no tall stack, or noise during machinery operation, truly realizing green, environmental-friendly, safe and noise-free clean heat supply. 

      It is reported that Xi'an Hang Tian No.1 Middle School is the winner of "Award for School Construction Design" due to its advanced design concept and facilities, as well as its beautiful environment. Moreover, O&M Power's effort in establishing the first demonstration school with "Clean Heat Supply by Stored Energy" among education system of Shaanxi Province with the School has manifested its advanced environment protection concept of "creating green school and supplying clean heat", which has set an example for and made contribution to the control and treatment of air pollution and haze, and overall improved the reputation and brand effect of the School.


      The investment to the construction of the project has marked that the first demonstration school with "clean heat supply by phase-change energy storage" among education system of Shaanxi Province comes into being. As an exemplary project, it is of great significance to the Aerospace Base, to Xi'an City, and even to the whole Shaanxi Province. Upon its implementation, the project shall benefit over a thousand of students, teaching and administrative staff, and guarantee that all of them shall enjoy safe, environmental-friendly and health heat supply in cold winter. Moreover, this project is a manifestation of cooperating with the Education Department in jointly establishing "green school", and accelerates the process of coal-to-electricity and electric power replacement in the Aerospace Base by its demonstration effect, realizing the power load transfer during peak hours and greatly relieving local deficiency in electric power load in winter nights.

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