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Successful Handover of Unit #1 and Common Successful Handover of Unit #1 and Common System in Philippine KAUSWAGAN Project to the Owner
Issued Time :2019-07-05 08:41:51

      At 20:08 on June 29th, 2019, an remarkable moment on an ordinary Saturday was deeply imprinted inthe minds of all the staff of SHAANXI O&M POWER Kauswagan Project Department of Philippines. At that moment of the day, Kauswagan project successfully completed the 720-hour continuous reliability operation test of Unit #1, and the Unit #1 and the common system was successfully handed over to the GN Power operation team of the owner, and the Unit #1 came into the commercial operation stage.

When it was announced that the Unit #1 and the common system was handed over to the owner, there was a burst of applause in the main control room. Everyone cheered and clapped with each other.


Commissioning and operation team handing over the operation authority of the unit to the owner team

Operation staff of Shaanxi OM Power handing over operation authority to owners operation team 

EPC, commissioning team and operation team celebrating for the successful handover

      Kauswagan project has been in operation for one year and eight months since the first batch of operators arrived in November 2017. The staff of the project department have closely cooperated with the  principals from each specialty of Shanghai Commissioning Institute,they have solved one technical problem after another , and they have accomplished milestones one after another. During this period, there is the joy of the completion of the milestones, the sorrow of missing their families, and the injustice of facing the questioning from the owner, all of which vanish and melt into joyful tears and the power to move on when knowing the news of the successful handover.

      Under the guidance of the O&M Power  and the Project Department leaders, the entire staff of Kauswagan Project in Philippines, regardless of yesterday's honors, will march on the journey again. Taking the handover of Unit#1 as an opportunity, the staff will continue to  cooperate with all parties at site deeply, stick to work overseas, and devote themselves to O&M Power and the responsibilities. Moreover, all the staff will make their own contributions to the successful handover of the remaining three units on time with their superb technology and practical style to luster the company's power operation and maintenance business.

 (Photo/text Kauswagan Project Department in Philippines  Guoqiang Gao)

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