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Encouragement! 100 Days of Two Units Safety Operation of Jinyang Power Plant
Issued Time :2019-07-11 16:58:22

      On July 10, 2019, Shaanxi Operation & Maintenance Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "O&M Power") Tongchuan project department achieved the 100 days of safe and stable operation of the two units of Meixin Jinyang Power Plant. The stage cumulative power generation exceeded 656.32 million KWH, and the maximum power generation in a single day reached 12.36 million KWH

      On April 1, 2019, O&M power Tongchuan project department officially took over the operation of #2 unit of Jinyang power plant. In face of the unfavorable factors such as equipment defects, mixed staffing of party A and party B, uneven personnel quality and skill levels, and understaffing of major positions, etc, the leaders of Tongchuan project did a lot of work to ensure the safety operation of unit. They focused on the internal management of the project department, strengthen the team building of management personnel and job training, refine the implementation rules of safety assessment, formulate stable and safe operation plans and carry out the management personnel's shifting system. In addition, they developed the work style of "encouraging doer, supporting undertaker, winning the position by performance", take the time to go upstream and adhered to the guidelines of ensuring safety, strengthening production, losing no time in power generation, uniting people and making joint efforts. Manager Zhao Naiming, the leader of the project department, arranged the work personally, set up a leading group in time to clarify the division of responsibilities and decompose the work according to the annual safety production target, he developed feasible measures to decompose the work into month target and week target, formulated a reward and punishment system and assigned responsibility to the people. Leaders of the project department regularly checked the completion of the target tasks to ensure the steady progress.

      By strengthening the management of "two permits, three systems" and the training and supervision of "three kinds of people" on the site and adhering to the management idea of "going ahead of defects", the project department changed "passive defect elimination" into "active and advanced control", and effectively controlled frequent defects and repetitive defects. Strict quality monitoring, strengthened patrol inspection and strong sense of responsibility contributed to the prevention of liability unsafe incidents. Firstly, fought against habitual violations in accordance with the overall requirements of "full coverage, zero tolerance" and reinforced the implementation of various rules and regulations; operator's careful operation, maintenance and adjustment ensured the stability of the unit. Secondly, on the basis of strengthening safety learning, carried out the activities such as safety production discussion, safety training, implementation of "two permits and three systems", making emergency plan and rehearsal to put the safety training in the front line of production so as to improve the emergency response capacity. Thirdly, strengthened hidden dangers management to guarantee the safety operation of unit: insist on the regular inspection such as seasonal safety inspection, equipment hidden dangers investigation, flood control inspection and practice step by step to form a closed-loop mechanism; and finally, implemented the responsibility system for safe production, build a long-term mechanism, gave full play to the role of the "three-level safety nets", held regular safety meetings, decomposed safety responsibility layer upon layer to make each safety production index controllable and in the control, to make the safety work have a right way to follow, to bring the safety awareness to every corner and every link so as to ensure the long-term safe operation of the unit.


     The 100 day's of safe and stable operation for two units afforded valuable experience for the future work and laid a solid foundation for safety production. We will continue to adhere to the "safety first, focus on prevention" policy, strengthen the operation management, implement safety responsibility, focus on work, follow strict standards and pursue excellence to create more achievements.

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